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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: Thanks for logging onto our website, the site of Disney Channel's Team 2004 of the Walt Disney Studios in Paris. We will bring you all the news and rumours about the ATTRACTION DISNEY CHANNEL, we'll introduce you to its team, we tell you who work and worked there, we tell you something about what Disney Channel is all about, we answer all your questions and much more. Take a look on our site every once in a while to keep yourself up to date. Enjoy reading this site and have a magical day!

Disney Channel in the Walt Disney Studios

You can find the studios of Disney Channel in the Walt Disney Studios nearby Paris, as part of the Disneyland Resort Paris. As a visitor of the Walt Disney Studios you can visit the television studios of Disney Channel. A guide will take you around to show the backstages of the Disney Channel television studios, to give you a little impression on how Disney Channel makes its programs and how they broadcast all that. They try to make you understand how you'll be able to watch all our great and funny programs at home on your television.

Come and visit us!

You are always welcome, if you want to make a backstage tour in the Disney Channel television studios. All you have to do, is to visit the Walt Disney Studios (entrance 40 Euro for adults and 30 Euro for kids under 11 years old: only valid one day for one parc!) nearby Paris. Look for more information further on this site or log on Disneyland Resort Paris' official website for up to date prices, offers, showtimes and much more magic:




  • NEW: Bug Juice Page Completed
  • Changes on set of Art Attack
  • FREE DVD given away during visit
  • Randy's leaving
  • Latest transfers


What IS Disney Channel?

That question can be answered with 2 answers. First of all is Disney Channel a studio which broadcast all kinds of cool programs to your home. Think about the famous Playhouse Disney, Zapping Zone, Art Attack, Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch and much more.

But on this site we talk mostly about the ATTRACTION DISNEY CHANNEL in the Walt Disney Studios. We also talk a lot about the Disney Channel's Team 2004, the team which is currently working every day to guide guests around in the television studios and giving guests a magical time during their day.

At the end of the visit guests you can walk on the set of Art Attack (in a real Disney Channel studio) to do some special effect tricks with real camera's. After doing that the ATTRACTION DISNEY CHANNEL ends with a Cyber Space zone. A zone with free computer games and simulators called: Cyber Space Mountain. For the simulators a minimum hight of 1m30 is required. More about Cyber Space Mountain somewhere further on this site!



The website is independent of and not supported, endorsed by or connected to the The Walt Disney Company, Euro Disney S.C.A., Disney Enterprises Inc. and their subsidiaries and affiliates. You can find the official page of Disneyland Paris at: www.disneylandparis.com

Need Mag?c

For more info about the Disneyland Resort Paris, have a look at:



Last update: 10 of August 2004