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One of Disney's most popular shows is Art Attacks, shown on Disney Channel. In France the host of the show is Phillipe Rouault, for the English version of Art Attacks the host is Neil Buchanan (see them below).


Both artist are showing you many ideas on how to create the most beautiful art, by using the most simple things and elements (think about paper, pencils, carton etc.) which you can find at home.

In England you can see the show every wednesday on CiTV at 4pm, while in France Art Attacks is broadcasted every day on Disney Channel at 15h25 during the month of June.



You can visit a studio with the Art Attack background in the Walt Disney Studios in Paris. As part of Disneyland Resort Paris, the Walt Disney Studios is proud to present a guided tour behind the scene of Disney Channel. As part of this tour, you'll visit a real Disney Channel studio decorated with the background of Art Attacks. On the set you'll find some creations of kids, you can play Art Attack computer games, you'll can shoot a little special effect scene with Timon and Pumba or you can watch a demonstration video on the wall.


Come and visit us. More information on this website or on the official website of Disneyland Resort Paris:


The creators of this website decided to show you a step by step map on how to make one Art Attacks creations. We try to give you a new idea on the next update, up till then: Try this yourself!


If you're bored with drawing flat pictures, it's time you made a 3D Picture Box!

You will need:
  • Shoe Box
  • Pen
  • Paint
  • Cardbaord Box Card
  • Scissors

Step 1: First, find find yourself an old shoe box.

Step 2: Draw around the box (not the lid) onto a large piece of paper and think of a theme for your 3D Picture Box.

Step 3: You need to create your design within the rectangle you drew.

Step 4: The design needs to be in three layers, the background, the middle and the foreground.

In this one, the cacti, sign and skull are in the foreground, the mountain scene and road is in the middle, and the background has the sky with birds in the distance.

Step 5: Copy the background of your design onto the back of the box.

Step 6: Now copy the middle part of the design onto a piece of card.

It has to be the same size as the inside of the box, all the way around.

Step 7: Trim away excess card carefully with scissors.

Step 8: Now draw the foreground part of your design onto the box lid.

It's OK if you go into the frame a little, but try not to go too far into it!

Step 9: Cut away the excess card, so that you can see inside your 3D Picture Box!

Step 10: Next, paint the background design that you drew on the inside of the box.

Step 11: Then paint the middle section, let it dry and secure it in place in the middle of the box.

Step 12: Finally, paint lid of the box, and pop it in place.


Step 13: There are lots of possibilities for 3D Picture Boxes using this technique.

How about a day at the races?

Step 14: Or what about an underwater scene, like this?

Try it yourself!






Send your creations to:

Disney Channel - Site Internet Art Attack

1, Rue de la Galmy - Chessy

77776 Marne La Vallee (France), Cedex 4